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Steve Huecker, Senior Pastor

In my mid-20's, by the sovereign pleasure of our most merciful God, the depravity of my carnal heart was swept away and I was converted to Christ. I love to preach and teach God’s Word. By God’s grace, I desire to be guided by the following convictions:

The authority of God’s Word: God has spoken authoritatively in the Bible. Believers are to respond to God’s Word with lives of submission and obedience (Psalm 119.9-11; 2 Timothy 3.16-17).

Prayer: God moves in response to prayer (Genesis 18.22-33; Acts 12.1-17). In the mystery of His sovereign will, God invites His people to present their petitions, requests, praises, and longings before Him in prayer (Luke 18.1-8; Philippians 3.6).

Commitment to the local church: God does not save people into an isolated experience of faith, but rather, invites believers to commit to a particular, local expression of the worldwide church (Acts 11.19-26

"My heart's desire unto God and the chief design of my life are that personal holiness may be promoted in my own heart and the hearts and ways of others."   John Owen

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Stephen Peel, Assistant Pastor

My mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ and to build them up through God’s word. God called me to faith at the age of three years old, and I have been growing deeper in this faith throughout my whole life. God first called me to ministry in high school and led me to Moody Bible Institute where I graduated with a B.A. in Youth Ministry. Because I wanted to learn how to study the Bible more effectively, I continued my education at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and graduated with a Master of Divinity.

I love spending time with my amazing wife, Lydia, and my son, Samuel. In my spare time I enjoy riding anything that moves including motorcycles, sailboats, bikes, and even unicycles. I also enjoy spending time with people and reading good books.

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Audra Bonner, Secretary

Behind every great pastor is an awesome secretary. Audra is certainly a blessing to First Baptist Church. She has a willingness to serve in many capactities for the glory of God. We are thankful for her servant's heart. Audra and her husband Emerson have two beautiful children.